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We believe that understanding and appreciation of other people and cultures can be developed and enhanced through exposure and interaction. In addition, an increasing number of people are becoming interested in learning about different aspects of our world, the people in it, how they live and their history.

We know that even if there is interest in learning about different cultures and even if there are people from those cultures in your city or closer in your neighbourhood, there might not be a way to connect with them.

Here at CultraL, we aim to enable access to cultural experiences that wouldn’t be readily available through mainstream sources.

CultraL aims to be a resource that helps to bridge cultural divides by providing opportunities to have unique, authentic cultural experiences.

Whether you’re traveling to faraway places or staying near home, we would like to connect you with unique cultural experiences. CultraL provides the opportunity to enrich your travel and daily life through unique experiences provided by Presenters and Hosts who have direct expertise, link, and connection to the cultures they highlight.

about-Black woman in head cover

about-Black woman in head cover

Cultral Accommodation

CultraL offers the opportunity to have an immersive cultural experience by staying in the private homes of people with diverse cultural backgrounds. This will enable you to interact with people of different cultures in their homes, giving unique insights and opportunity to learn and build understanding. Part of the stay experience is an optional 60 minutes conversation with each host about their cultures. So, whether you are staying in your current city or traveling to distant lands, this is an opportunity not just to be a tourist but instead to truly experience the cultures of the world through interaction with the people who know, because they have lived in and with the culture all their lives. In addition to the experience gained by staying in their private homes, these CultraL Ambassadors will also be able to provide information about local activities that will further engage and enrich your cultural experience.

CultraL accommodations are restricted to homes that are lived in so that opportunities are created to interact with the hosts and thereby learn about their cultures. Restricting Cultral hosting to shared accommodation also ensure that it doesn’t hurt the housing stock for local renters.

CultraL Events

CultraL Events are unique presentations by people with a strong connection to specific cultures gained through a process of growing up, living and being generally immersed over many years. Presenters share their cultural knowledge through unique and exciting expressions of their heritage with guests who are interesting in learning about different cultures.

Benefits to Presenters and Hosts

Joining CultraL offers the opportunity for those with cultural assets to share, in a way that enables them to benefit economically from the unique cultural resources that they possess. This happens because the fees paid for participating in these events and hosting providing accommodation, go directly to the Presenters and Hosts. Cultural only receives a small service charge that enables us to operate the platform.


Trusted Service

CultraL aims to ensure that you have positive, informative and enjoyable cultural experiences. We keep in touch with presenters and guests to ensure safe cultural experiences through our internal messaging system. Guests and presenters can rate their experience. Our payment processing is handled through PayPal, ensuring that guests and presenters can operate with confidence.

Customer Support

We are here to try and make your experience as positive as possible so don’t hesitate to contact us at info@cultral.com.

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